About Us

The LLL began with a conversation around a dinner table in 2014. Within a few days of networking, the LLL had a name, the promise of storage space for inventory maintenance, the offer of an initial three boxes of children's books from a librarian, and permission to place a 'library box' of children's books in the first laundromat in West Chester, PA.

In September of 2016, the LLL incorporated as a 501(c)(3), a 'public charity' that can document donations for tax purposes. The incorporation process demanded the establishment of a formal Board and officer structure.

Our Board of Directors

Arlene Rengert, President and Co-Founder (pictured right)

Karen Iacobucci, Treasurer and Co-Founder

Karen Hamilton, Secretary

Kathleen Frost

Lois Lamond

Barb Lynch

Connie Nesbitt

Mame Purce

Donna Pyne

Maryann Schwab

Peggy Staarman

Phil Tripp

President and Co-Founder, Arlene Rengert