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The Laundromat Library League makes children’s books available to children who have little or no access to books at home.  We place them in laundromats and similar sites in which children and caregivers spend time waiting.  Children and caregivers are invited to enjoy a book, take it home, and eventually pass it on to another child.  

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Our Mission

The Laundromat Library League (LLL) is an all-volunteer 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides children's books to children, primarily by placing them in laundromats. As of August 2023,  the LLL had over 265 distribution sites --in 35 states. The LLL delivers or mails books at no charge to the laundromat or to the volunteer that stewards the site. When appropriate, LLL leaders mentor volunteers at distant sites to enable them eventually to obtain funding and/or donated books from local sources.

The LLL has an all-volunteer network of over 865 people contributing in some way.  Volunteers range in age from 8 to almost 90. Some deliver books to laundromats or monitor a site twice a month. Others hold book drives or organize books into the sets of 60 that we place in a site. Each set of 60 books has the full range of levels—from toddler to teen, fiction and non-fiction. 

How can I get involved and join over 865 volunteers that make this organization work?

If you drive near a laundromat and are willing, you can help us deliver.  If you are part of a community that may have books to share, you can be an important part of a book drive.  Our need for books is ongoing.  We also need funds with which to purchase books in categories that rarely come in as donations, such as books in Spanish or with multicultural settings.  This website has a “donate” link you can use to donate via PayPal or your credit card, or you can be in touch for a mailing address for a check.

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